Gateway Church Scottsdale is now Pillar Church.

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Didn’t see that coming?

On December 10/11, in fully-abandoned and loving obedience to where we have sensed the Lord leading us, and with the full support and blessing of Pastor Robert Morris and Gateway Church in Southlake TX, beginning January 2023, we will be Pillar Church.


The anointing ON our church and the presence of God IN our church will come down to whether or not Jesus gets what He wants FROM our church.


The announcement, the interview with Pastor Robert Morris, and The Leaders’ Cut. Nothing to hide.



A new season doesn’t mean something’s wrong.

So what REALLY happened?

Looking for a scandal? You simply won’t find it in this beautiful story. While it is sad but true that too many churches have been plagued with scandals, abuses, and disappointments by leaders, this is not that.

Am I safe here?

This is most likely the real question you’re asking. Big changes like this can often trigger past experiences and memories, or even things we’ve heard about from others that may have caused a sense of instability or uncertainty. Of course you’re asking this question.

Your ability to trust us is not something we take lightly. We hold it in very high regard, knowing that trust is the foundation of any solid relationship. Part of our Fight for Innocence is maintaining purity of motive.

How long has this been coming?

This process of changing our name began almost 4 years ago because of something God said, not because of something man did.

So we're not part of Gateway anymore?

Yes and no. While we will no longer bear the same name, Gateway Church in Southlake, TX, will always, always, always be part of us. Are you familiar with the rich heritage of our story?

Are you crazy?!
Was telling Pastor Robert hard?
Why did it take so long to tell Pastor Robert?
Is everything okay between you and Pastor Robert?
Did you ever think about going back to Dallas?
Were your feelings hurt by not being chosen as the successor?
Did you want to be Pastor Robert’s successor?
Why do you think God had you change the name from Gateway to Pillar?
Will Pillar be different than Gateway Scottsdale?
What do you feel God is saying about what is next for our church?

Saturday - 5p
Sunday - 9a & 11a