We want to gather

as the family of God
at the house of God
in the presence of God
experiencing the pleasure of God,


Access to our Live stream is limited to those who are physically unable to be present in the room due to health issues and/or extenuating circumstances.

Access requests must be submitted by noon on Thursday prior to the weekend.

You can still watch messages on-demand here so you can watch or re-watch anytime. Videos are posted Monday mornings following the weekend.

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Heart (short version) 01:32

Heart (full version) 44:37

Yes, it is counter cultural.
Counter convenient.

The Church needs you!
Not just your church, or our church.
The “capital C” Church needs you.

Not to let her know you see her from afar. She needs you to show her you love her up close and personal by laying your life down for her just like the One you follow did for her.

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