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Good Friday

Fri 4/15, 6-7pm

Join us for an immersive experience as we walk through the last hours of Jesus’ life. Strange as it may seem, we believe this portion to be, by far, the most romantic part of the death-burial-resurrection narrative.

No Thursday night service, 4/14

Easter Sunday

Sun 4/17, 7:30am, 9am, 11am

While many people don’t really need a compelling reason to gather on Easter, you might be a bit more hesitant. If you’ve been out of church for awhile, we can not encourage you enough:

Do not let the voice of fear, anxiety, or shame be louder than the voice of a Heavenly Father who desperately wants to have you back in His house with His family.

Hero Kids is available all services and there are quite a few surprises for them!


parking map
Coming from North Hayden (via Frank Lloyd Wright)
Prepare to turn right onto 83rd St (before you get to the church). From there, the road curves and becomes N 78th W. Keep going until you get to N 82nd St. There will be signage directing you from there.
Coming from South Hayden
Prepare for a lane merge right before Redfield. It may take a little longer getting through Raintree, but then, follow the signage and plan to take a left into the church parking lot.
Coming from Raintree
Turn right onto Hayden. (You will not be able to go straight.) You will then be merged into one lane, and you can take your first left into the church parking lot.

Go tell it on the (Camelback) Mountain!

Ok seriously, Easter is a great time to invite someone to come with you. We have small invite cards you can pick up this weekend (4/7 & 4/10), and below you will find downloadable graphics to help spread the word online! Simply click on an image and save to your computer or device.


Right click (or hold down on mobile) to download one of the images below.


Write a caption that includes the EasterAtGateway.com URL.


Post the photo with a caption to your social media channel!

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Artboard 9
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Artboard 5

Saturday - 5p
Sunday - 9a & 11a