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GroupDayTimeAgesLocationsLocationGroup TypeChildcare?Status
Blake & Amberly HesterSunday4:00-6:00pm21-36North ScottsdaleNorth ScottsdaleMarriedNoOpen
Brett and Liz MeyersSunday4:00-6:00pm18+North ScottsdaleNorth ScottsdaleEveryone WelcomeNoFull
Heller Family & Sherko FamilySunday4:00-6:00pm18+North ScottsdaleNorth ScottsdaleMarriedYesFull
Jesse and April BertelsenSunday4:00-6:00pm21+ScottsdaleScottsdaleEveryone WelcomeYesFull
Allison Timberlake and Emma CostinSunday5:00-7:00pm18-35North ScottsdaleNorth ScottsdaleWomenNoOpen
Gary and Liz WiliamsSunday5:00-7:00pm18+North ScottsdaleNorth ScottsdaleEveryone WelcomeNoFull
Jen HenrichSunday5:00-7:00pm18-30PhoenixPhoenixWomen, Young AdultsNoOpen
Mike and Hannah PlaceSunday5:00-7:00pm18+North ScottsdaleNorth ScottsdaleEveryone WelcomeNoFull
Phil and Pam GoldsberrySunday5:00-7:00pm21+North ScottsdaleNorth Scottsdale -Everyone WelcomeNoOpen
Aaron and Amy WitsoeSunday5:30-7:30pm18+Cave CreekCave CreekCouplesNoClosed
Kevin and Kim StarkMonday6:00-8:00pm21+ScottsdaleStark HomeCouples, Everyone Welcome, FamiliesYesClosed
Tamera Boyer and Jourdan MacFarlandMonday6:00-8:00pm18-30TempeJourdan McFarland's HomeYoung AdultsNoOpen
Nathan BucklesMonday6:30-8:30pm18+North PhoenixCave CreekMenNoFull
Scott and Jennifer BackesTuesday6:00-8:00pm18+PhoenixBackes HomeEveryone WelcomeNoFull
Kenny & Brianna RodriguezWednesday6:00-8:00pm21-30North ScottsdaleRodriguez HomeYoung AdultsNoOpen
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