Every Man A Leader

Lead yourself. Lead your family. Lead others.

You know the full weight of living up to everyone else’s expectations of you — as a son, a husband, a father, a man.

You’re more aware of your failures and shortcomings than anyone else. The pain. The regrets. The mistakes.

So maybe you strive so hard in other areas to prove something. Maybe success over here leads to the affirmation my soul craves.

Is anyone proud of me?
Am I proud of me?!

It can be overwhelming. Crushing.

We’re betting that you want to be a better man.

But you don’t get there by wishing things would change, passively hoping for a better future. A man takes intentional, decisive action.

Everything we’re doing for men is intended to create community, growth, and to develop you into the leader you’re meant to be.


Guys Gathering to Grow

New dates & info for Every Man A Leader coming soon!

Date: October 21-24

Location: Prescott, AZ

Boot Camp

Every man enters the world possessing a strong desire for adventure. It’s in the makeup of a man to stand for something, to determine his limits and to face down an enemy in battle.

It might appear to many that modern daily life has removed the primal instincts that have defined men since the start of time, it’s a dangerous way of life when we repress our human nature.
Taking place twice a year, the aim of this 3-day Boot Camp is to re-think these normal tendencies. By finding identity in Christ, we give our selves permission to be who we genuinely are and to take control of our households, our jobs, and our community.

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