Every Man A Leader

We believe in the heart of every man is an influencer. For this reason, we provide men the opportunity to gather and connect. By doing so, we believe this will give rise to a brotherhood that awakens the callings within us. Throughout the year, we hold several events and activities all intended to create community, growth, and to develop you into the leader you’re meant to be.

Date: October 22-25 

Location: Prescott, AZ

Boot Camp

Every man enters the world possessing a strong desire for adventure. It’s in the makeup of a man to stand for something, to determine his limits and to face down an enemy in battle.

It might appear to many that modern daily life has removed the primal instincts that have defined men since the start of time, it’s a dangerous way of life when we repress our human nature.
Taking place twice a year, the aim of this 3-day Boot Camp is to re-think these normal tendencies. By finding identity in Christ, we give our selves permission to be who we genuinely are and to take control of our households, our jobs, and our community.

Men’s Night

Throughout the year, we make space for a night of brotherhood and connection. As together, we fight for our culture, our relationships, and our callings.

Life is not meant to be lived alone. Connection is key to being able to fight with strength and endurance. It’s time to come together so we can tackle and face the battles that we encounter every day. As men, we will fight for our families, our marriages and our friends. We will lead in our homes and communities. And we WILL become who God is calling us to be.

Next Date TBD


Six Strong

We all have gates that need to be rebuilt and repaired.
They may be damaged or down entirely.

There are the six critical gates we believe every man must build and guard daily if we are to be the men we’re called to be. 

This isn’t a self-help, self-improvement tactic that promises too much and produces too little.

You can’t command it. You can’t will it. 

This is NOT a “try-harder-do-better” plan.

You’ve most likely already tried that. 100s of times. How’s that working out for you?

What you CAN DO is cultivate the soil.
Remove rocks and weeds. Fertilize it. Add nutrients.

You can take intentional, decisive action.

This work, this cultivation, is living 6 Strong.

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