Outreach is simply you reaching out. This is what we do individually and collectively.

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Love This City

is a monthly outreach opportunity, and every month will look a little different. But what they will always have in common is our heart to communicate to the people that we serve that we see you, we value you, and we love you.

A typical day will start with a morning rally, as everyone gathers together at the Scottsdale campus to check in.

During check-in, we will share our vision for the day, pray, and split into respective areas of service. Each group will gather with their team leaders before departing from the Scottsdale campus.

Remember, outreach isn’t just an event you sign-up for, but a lifestyle you get to live!

Saturday, October 30th

Trunk or Treat

We’re celebrating this Fall with our first annual Trunk or Treat at the Scottsdale Campus on Saturday, October 30th!

As one of our Love This City Outreach opportunities this Fall,
Trunk or Treat is designed to reach outside of our four walls and say that we see, love, and serve the families of our community.

Not sure what Trunk or Treat is all about? Well let’s fill you in!

Trunk or Treat is where we band together as a church family and deck out our car trunks with themed decor. From pirate ships to Candy Land, Disney, and more, Trunk or Treat is a safe place for all of our families who attend our church, and live in our community, to let their kids travel from car to car and gather as much candy as their little hearts’ desire!

If you’re interested in reserving a parking space and participating in Trunk or Treat, register your car today. You also have the option in the registration to partner with another family.

Once you register, more details will come closer to the date of the Trunk or Treat on October 30th!

Saturday, November 20th

Thanksgiving Block Party

Saturday, December 11th

Christmas of Hope – A toy drive for Navajo Elementary School.
The hope for this day is that parents will be able to shop for free for their children in the gymnasium while the kids get to play games outside.


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