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Week 1: Why Work?

Brad Larson continues the series ‘Resilient’ with a message titled “Why Work?”

Week 1 : Resilient Conversations

A conversation with Noelle & Phil, recapping the message “Why Work?” What were the takeaways? And what do we do from here?

Week 2: We Work

Brad Larson continues the series ‘Resilient’ with a message titled “We Work.”

Week 2 : Resilient Conversations

This week, we take time to hear from a panel of business professionals within our church family to give us perspective on how our work is worship.

Answer each question based on the facts of where you currently are, not where you've been, not where you wish you were, and not where you want others to think you are. Be honest with yourself.

Assessment scale 65pt

This scale isn’t intended to shame or condemn you. It is intended to help you look at the facts of where you are so you can determine the path forward to where you want to be.

A low score doesn’t make you bad. A high score doesn’t make you good.

Remember, we talk and think in terms of healthy and unhealthy, strong and weak, more than good and bad.

If you have an unhealthy/weak score, okay. It is what it is. So let’s get to work and get healthier, stronger, together.



The Three-Word Challenge

Use this tool to get clarity on what your unique genius is, and how it impacts those around you.

Resource: The Three-Word Challenge

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