We build creatives to transform our community for the greater good.

Everyone has a story. Whether you’re on a mission to buy a new car, or on a mission to change the world, we are all striving towards something, and our past experiences help shape our purpose.

The problem is, rarely are we able to transform our story, our purpose, into something impactful to reach others.

SALT (Storytellers & Artists Leveraging Technology) United is a community of people from all walks of life who are passionate about translating the stories of the community around us.

Whether it’s through video, web design, social media, writing, or whatever creative talent or tool, we leverage our God-given talents, along with the latest innovation and technology, to transform our community for the greater good.

We believe all creatives are leaders, everyone has a story, and life comes when both are realized…will you join in the movement? 

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