During service a couple of weeks back I was sitting next to a man who was by himself. After worship, the time came where Gateway provides a prompting question for us to ask the strangers around us in order to build community. The question this week was “what is one thing you want to improve in this year?” A simple question really that could have had shallow answers and established surface level connection. That is what I expected to happen after all. After introducing myself and answering the question in regards to my own life, I opened up the floor for my new found friend. Instead of giving a surface level response, this individual opened up about the current struggles that come with marriage. This person expressed how there has been separation over the past year and that the goal for this year is to improve the status of the marriage, something much more serious then my get good grades answer. After some encourage and getting to know this person more service started and we parted ways. However at the end of the service we came back together and I was provided on opportunity to pray for this individual and encourage persistence within the marriage. What came from a simple question was the opportunity to encourage and grow deeper than I never would have been able to on my own.