Your Story Matters

Our hope is that you will be inspired & encouraged by the stories you read & watch here.

We also hope you will be compelled to share your story with us so we can help you share it with others. Whether you realize it or not, you have a story to tell. No matter how big or small you may think it is, you never know how God can use it to encourage and inspire others and ultimately, to change lives.

Every Story Matters

One of the most common things that people say is; “I don’t have a story,” or “my story is small compared to others!” This is simply not true. Every person has a story, and any story that has to do with how God is speaking to you, shaping you, or changing you is a story worth telling.

Read's Story

It all starts back when I was six years old living in Salem, OR. On a cold, rainy morning I crossed the street to play with my friends as my great grandpa watched me from the kitchen window…

Brent's Story

I grew up hating God and church. My dad was a pastor of a small church in Colorado and my mother was extremely abusive to both my brother and I (mostly physically, but also mentally)….

Isaiah's Story

During service a couple of weeks back I was sitting next to a man who was by himself. After worship, the time came where, in service, they provided a prompting question for us to ask the people around us in order to build community…

Morgan's Story

I knew God was calling me to do something greater than I could ever imagine, but I longed for that understanding and direction. I’ve always had a hard time…

Share Your Story

When we share our stories, we not only encourage others, but we also remind ourselves of God’s faithfulness in our own lives.

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