Trunk or Treat

You are invited to the sweetest day of the year!


Gateway Church
15020 N Hayden Rd
Scottsdale AZ 85260


Sunday, October 30
5:30p – 7:30p


Candy. Games. Food. Family. Fun.

Trunk or Treat will be a parking lot full of decked out car trunks with themed decor. From pirate ships to Candy Land, Disney, and more, Trunk or Treat is a safe place for families to let their kids travel from car to car and gather as much candy as their little hearts desire!

There will also be games, food trucks, and plenty of fun for the whole family!

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Sign up to volunteer or host a car!

Through an outreach mindset.

We all have an opportunity to make an impact.

Trunk or Treat is a community outreach.

The power of invitation can change a family.

Think of people in your life that you can invite.

Our goal isn’t to just have a party for ourselves, but to bring our friends and neighbors with us. Not to sell them on anything – simply just to love on!

Here are some ways to get the word out:

Neighborhoods: Connect with your neighbors. Pass out cards. Put a flyer on your mailbox or the community board.

Schools: Post on school Facebook groups. Give some cards to your kids to pass out to their friends.

The Nextdoor App: Create a post on the app! This is a great way to reach a large community with little effort.

Social Media: Use one of the graphics above to post on your stories or feed.

Kids Activity Centers: Think of a place your family goes to. Ask to hang a flyer.

It wouldn’t be possible without you!

Saturday - 5p
Sunday - 9a & 11a